Chapter 9 

Special Abilities


Special Abilities Sometimes characters will possess special abilities for one reason or another. For example, your character may have a natural hatred for reptiles and will gain +5% to hit any creature that is considered a reptile.

If a characters has more than four special abilities, you can view the complete list by clicking on the Special Abilities button that appears at the top of the list.

Special Actions Each character is also capable of a number of special actions. Some castes can perform some of these actions better than others, however, all castes have some ability at each action.

Picking a lock or attempting to force a lock will bring up a window with a variable number of bars. To be successful in that action you must have all the bars displaying yellow or green. You will have a short time to complete this task. If before the time elapses you click the mouse, the bars will be stopped, and the attempt will be resolved.


See tables 2.0 - 2.3 in "Appendix of Tables"

Table 2.0 Base/Levelup Special Action Values for Caste in %

Table 2.1 Special Action Modifiers (Brawn)

Table 2.2 Special Action Modifiers (Agility)



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