Chapter 8 

Character Attributes • Aging

Attributes Each character has many physical attributes. These attributes will affect how well the character performs in various areas. Each of the attributes is described below. How that attribute may affect certain character castes is also described. This will be modified by many factors such as caste, race and gender. The Appendix has tables that show how character abilities are affected by various attributes.

Brawn: Brawn is an indicator of how physically strong a character is. A character's Brawn will determine how much he can carry, extra damage that will be inflicted in battle from physical attacks, as well as increase a character's chance to successfully hit an opponent. From time to time, great Brawn will be needed to perform such feats as bending bars, smashing in doors, and moving heavy objects.

See Tables 2.1, 6.0 in "Appendix of Tables"

Table 2.1 Special Action Modifiers (Brawn Modifier)

Table 6.0 Brawn Modification Table


Knowledge: Knowledge is the measure of how fast a character can learn new information, and to apply that information to a fast changing situation. A character with high Knowledge is also more resistant to magic and is better able to fend off magical attacks.

Judgment: Judgment is the measure of how well a character can apply past experience to the current situation. A judicious character is also more resistant to magic and is better able to fend off magical attacks.

Agility: Agility is a measure of a character's speed and reflexes. A character with high Agility is more likely to perform tricky tasks, such as picking a lock, walking a tight rope, etc., and will also be harder to hit in combat. A high Agility is also essential for dodging arrows, rocks, darts or any other thrown weapon. In addition, a good Agility score will increase a character's AR (Armor Rating) and make them more difficult to hit in battle.

See Table 7.1 in "Appendix of Tables"

Table 7.1 Armor Rating Adjustments for Agility


Vitality: Vitality is the measure of how hardy a character's body is. Characters with a high Vitality will gain more stamina points per skill level, and will be better able to fend off attacks that affect the body, such as poison or noxious gases.

Luck: Luck is an indicator of a character's general good fortune in life. Characters with good luck will, from time to time, have a successful outcome where one who is unlucky would fail. This factor can sometimes reflect the magical nature of some races, such as Furfoots, who benefit from good luck due to unexplained magical properties that are inherent to their race.


See Tables 1.1-1.3 in "Appendix of Tables"

Table 1.1 Minimum Attributes by Caste


Other Attributes

There are many other attributes that each character possesses.

Damage: Damage is the amount of damage a character will inflict in melee combat in addition to that normally afflicted by any weapon they may be using. This is the sum total of all Brawn bonuses, as well as any magical bonuses from wielded weapons and worn items. This bonus is added to the amount of damage that is done by your weapon if any.


See Table 6.0 & 9.0 in "Appendix of Tables"

Table 6.0 Brawn Modification Table

Table 9.0 Weapon Damage Table


Stamina: Stamina is the amount of damage a character can withstand before going unconscious. If a character's stamina falls to 0, then that character will become unconscious. If their stamina falls below -9, they die. Dead characters can only be revived by some type of resurrection.


See Table 1.4 in "Appendix of Tables"

Table 1.4 Stamina Table


Spell Points: If the character is capable of casting spells, Spell Points are needed to do so. The character can continue to cast spells as long as there are enough points to cast any specific spell.

Armor Rating (AR) is the measure of how difficult a character is to hit with melee weapons. The higher the AR, the more difficult to hit. AR varies from 0 (the easiest to hit) to 100 (the most difficult to hit). As noted before, AR only determines how difficult it is to hit a character with melee weapons. Missile weapons and spells are determined differently. It also does not affect the amount of damage a character takes from any attack.

When characters put on armor or gain special magical items, their AR can go up, thus making them harder for an enemy to hit in combat.


See Table 7.0 - 7.1 in "Appendix of Tables"

Table 7.0 Armor Rating Adjustment for Base Armor Type

Table 7.1 Armor Rating Adjustments for Agility


Magic Resistance: All of the races to which a character may belong, possess at least some resistance to magic. If a character lies within the area of a magical spell, there is a possibility that the character will be able to resist it's effects entirely. Not all spells are capable of being resisted in this way. The damage or effect of various spells is determined in a complex way. For further information on this, see the chapter on Magic Resistance and Damage Reduction.

Attack Bonus: This is a composite value that is based on many factors. In general it takes into account all spell effects, conditions and character attributes to come up with a general score. Higher is better and is a good indicator of how easy a character can hit an average foe in battle. This applies to melee combat only.

Defense Bonus: Similar to ATTACK BONUS above, this is a composite value that is based on many factors. In general it takes into account all spell effects, conditions and character attributes to come up with a general score. Higher is better and is a good indicator of how easy a character can be hit in battle by the enemy. This applies to melee combat only.

Skill level: Skill Level is the measure of how good a character is at performing the various skills that keep them alive. As characters adventure and gain victory points they will advance in Skill Levels. When character gain a Skill Level, they may receive additional stamina and abilities; and, if the characters are capable of casting spells they will gain additional spell points as well.

See the chapter "Victory Points & Gaining Skill Levels" for more information on Skill Levels.


Character Aging

As your characters moves from adventure to adventure in Realmz they will inevitably get older. Depending on the race and caste of any particular character this can be a good or bad thing.

When you create a character they begin at one of five age groups depending on the caste you pick.

Youth Young Prime Adult Senior

Some castes start out older to reflect the advanced years it would take to begin at a specific profession. As an example, a Warrior starts out as a Youth while a Cardinal starts out in his Prime.

Each time a character passes into an age group many of their attributes are modified to reflect the aging process. Just how they are changed depends on which race they are and which age group they just graduated into.

Even if a character starts out in his Prime, all aging changes for his Youth and Young years are accumulated. Example: Lets say a race has its strength affected like this as it ages:






+2 Strength

+1 Strength

-1 Strength

-1 Strength

-1 Strength

If the caste of this character was a warrior it would start out as a youth and would gain +2 strength.

If the caste of this character was a warlock it would start out as an adult and would gain +2 +1 -1 -1 = +1 and would be +1 to strength overall.

All affects due to aging are balanced out so by the time they hit Senior they have gained and lost the exact same amount of every statistic.

So what is it good for you might ask? For some attributes age is a good thing. Take judgment for example. Judgment tends to improve with age for most races. If you want to be a priest or cardinal it's important to have a high judgment. However, humans tend to be very rash creatures when young. Because of this they have low judgment but it will slowly increase as they age.

Maximum Age: Each race has a maximum age they can attain. When your characters reach that age they will NOT die. (I did not want the bevy of complaints killing off characters would cause.)

Once they reach the highest age group they will no longer be affected by age as they grow older. The purpose of this is to reflect the changes your character would experience over time but I did not want to actually kill off characters when they got too old. If you like to play realistically then just end the characters career.

Characters that are beyond their maximum age for their race will be penalized one third of victory points awarded. i.e. They will only get 66% of victory points they would normally get if they were below their maximum age.

Magical Aging: Some monsters can now cause you to age on a successful hit. As an example, if you are hit in combat by a ghost, your character will age slightly. Just how much they will age is based on how tough the monster is and how large an attack he has.

Besides aging due to natural causes and as a result of encounters with supernatural creatures you can also age due to spell effects.

The Adrenaline spell will cause a character to age. The higher the power level of the spell the more he will age.

Most aging due to magical effects is uniform across races.

As an example, a Goblin which can live for about 45 years will age only 75% as much due to magical affects as a Hobgoblin which can live to be 60.


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