Chapter 7 

Character Races

The world of Realmz is a world populated by all manners of beasts. Most are in constant conflict with races of other sorts. However, some actually live in close quarters with little ill feelings towards each other. As you adventure in the world of Realmz, you will meet many fascinating and often hostile races. Your characters may be any of a number of different races. Each race has its strong and weak points.


 Humans: Humans are by far the most populous of all races. This is due mainly to their incredible ability to adapt to almost any condition, and to accomplish great feats by sheer determination. Many races scoff at the achievements of humans in public, but few races can contest the success of the human race to inhabit almost every niche of the known world. Human's major weakness is their short life span. Their major strength is their short life span. While longer-living races feel that 70 years is far too short to accomplish anything of great value, it's for that very reason that humans strive so hard to rise to the top. Most fail, but by sheer weight of numbers many great deeds are done.

Typical Human:

Height - 6 feet, 180 pounds

Life Span - 70 years


Elves: Elves are the eldest of all known mortal races. Elves are slight of build and none too sturdy, but they are very quick of mind and body. Most Elves are agreeable people but tend to shun the more brutish of races. The Elves' major downfall is their hatred for change. They live such long lives that they fail to see the urgency in many situations until it is too late. They wish no ill will on other races but are disgusted by the fast pace and wasteful ways of many races.

NOTE: Elves are not capable of regeneration of any kind.

Typical Elf:

Height - 5 1/2 feet, 120 pounds

Life Span - 250 years


Shadow Elves: The Shadow Elves are distant cousins to the Elves that populate the known regions of the Realmz. Cunning and ruthless, Shadow Elves are one of the most feared of all humanoid races. They hail from a cluster of islands on the eastern most reaches of the Realmz. Their society is based on one simple rule; the strong enslave the weak. It's not uncommon for a Shadow Elf to even place their own blood kin in chains. They learn to kill without mercy from a tender age. One would think their reputation as stoic killers would bind their fate to the gallows but in fact it lends them some protection. Many rich merchants see the value in a bodyguard whose mere presence will ward away many would-be bandits. Due to the savage life of their island habitat, most Shadow Elves never live to die a natural death. Because of assassinations and their hatred for the weak and frail, few members of their sick society die of old age.

NOTE: Elves are not capable of regeneration of any kind.

Typical Shadow Elf:

Height and Weight: 5 feet, 110 pounds

Life span 250 years. (If their society lets them live that long)


Dwarves: Surpassed in life span only by the Elves and Gnomes. Dwarves live to be 200 plus years of age. Dwarves are sturdy folk who grow no taller than four feet high. They have an innate hatred for magic and all those that use it. Dwarves are populous throughout the world and second only to humans in number. Even though Humans and Dwarves get along quite well, many in both races preach that the other will ultimately have to be eliminated if theirs is ever to truly thrive. Many other races hire Dwarves for construction as they have an incredible ability to work long hard hours without rest even in the worst of conditions. Few races will harass a Dwarven stronghold as they are clever and formidable foes.

Typical Dwarf:

Height and Weight: 4 feet, 170 pounds

Life span 210 years


Furfoots: Furfoots are odd folk indeed. They are well liked by most races and yet they tend to shun contact with all but their own. They resemble Elves in build but are much shorter, growing to only three feet in height. Elves are quick of body but appear sluggish when compared to Furfoots who amaze other races with demonstrations of speed and agility. They dwell in pleasant remote areas and seldom leave home to adventure. As with all races, there are always those that have a taste to see the Realmz and the Furfoots are no exception.

Typical Furfoot:

Height and Weight: 3 feet, 80 pounds

Life span 130 years


Gnomes: Just as Furfoots resemble small Elves, Gnomes resemble small Dwarves. Many other races would find it difficult to tell the two apart if Gnomes were build slightly stockier. Gnomes are extremely intelligent and curious. They almost always dwell underground but on occasion they are known to travel to the surface. Few in number, they are often the target of more hostile races. They are not known for their skills of war, but few will attempt to defeat their well-planned defenses as they are clever when it comes to crafting tricks and traps for a would be foe.


Typical Gnome:

Height and Weight: 3 1/2 feet, 110 pounds

Life span 190 years


Orcs: Orcs are large, brutish, and none too bright. They are, however, strong and easily manipulated by more intelligent races. Orcs are known to live above and below ground, and are satisfied with the most meager of possessions. Their large size makes them fierce warriors, if nothing else. Often they are employed by others as mercenaries, for they can be bought with the promise of food or other simple items which most others would consider of little value. Though they are gruff and not well liked by most races, they are tolerated for one very good reason; it is often unwise to upset an Orc, for they are a very populous race and any given Orc has many relatives. It's a common belief that Humans and Dwarves have a larger population than Orcs but rumors have begun to surface that Orcs live in vast numbers in underground cities.... VAST numbers.

Typical Orc:

Height and Weight: 6 1/2 feet, 220 pounds

Life span 55 years


Half-Elf: Strangely enough, Elves, being the longest lived of the mortal races, may only have offspring with one other race other than their own: humans, one of the shortest lived. Seldom is such a child born to a willing mother, however, as more often than not, the child is the product of some vile act done unto the mother from some evildoer. Half-Elves are shunned by both races, but tolerated. It is the Elves' love of life that prevents the mother from allowing any harm to befall the child, but on the child's 20th birthday they are almost always driven away. Half-Elves lead a solitary and lonely life. They share benefits from both races, for they live upwards of 150 years and tend to be physically stronger than true Elves.

NOTE: Elves and even Hlaf-Elves are not capable of regeneration of any kind.

Typical Half-Elf:

Height and Weight: 6 feet, 150 pounds

Life span 150 years


Half-Orcs: Half-Orcs are about as low on the social scale as one can get. Even lower than full blooded Orcs. They are a cross of Orc and almost anything else. Orcs are not known for being picky about what they breed with. Most Half-Orcs die shortly after birth but a few survive. Many are quite intelligent for they seem to receive a fit body from the Orc line and the Knowledge from the other blood line. Since almost anything (save Goblins) are more intelligent than Orcs it would be a plus save for the fact of their low social standing.

Typical Half-Orc:

Height and Weight: 6 feet, 180 pounds

Life span 55 years


Goblins: Similar in appearance to Orcs, Goblins are extremely numerous and hardy creatures. Though they lack the ability to attain super intelligence, they do possess qualities that not only lets them survive in almost any environment but to outright thrive in areas even an Orc tribe would shun. Extremely strong and quick for their size it's wise not to underestimate a goblin in physical combat.

Typical Goblin:

Height and Weight: 4 feet, 110 pounds

Life span 45 years


Hobgoblins: Cousins to the more numerous Goblins, Hobgoblins grow much larger. With an avid appetite for violence and destruction, it's a wonder the race has survived at all. As it is, they are not very numerous as most other races will attack Hobgoblins at the first opportunity. Over the past decades the most violent tribes have been wiped out and those that remain show some sign of civility. For that reason many of the other races avoid outright warfare on Hobgoblins but still tend to shun them.

Typical Hobgoblin:

Height and Weight: 6 feet, 260 pounds

Life span 60 years


Kobold: Small reptilian creatures, the Kobold always travels in large packs. The typical Kobold tends to lean towards the evil side of things but it's not uncommon to find one of a more gentle and forgiving nature; those individuals are almost always outcast from their tribe. Though somewhat brutal by nature, Kobold society will not harm these outcasts and in fact will lend aid to the isolated individual down on their luck. The small, thin frame of the Kobold does not give due credit to their actual physical strength, but their speed and quickness are their real assets.

Typical Kobold:

Height and Weight: 3 feet, 90 pounds

Life span 45 years


Vampires: Vampires are an odd race as they are incapable of reproduction as most races know it. Vampires are capable of turning other humanoids into a Vampire by passing on a portion of their life force. This is never easy and the parent Vampire runs a great risk of death each time they multiply. Because of the dangers, they tend to shun the act of reproduction until they grow tired of their undead existence. A typical Vampire will only be able to reproduce 2 or 3 times before the act ends his own un-life. Though feared by most races, they are tolerated due to their extreme volatility. Those that are of living flesh and blood seldom wish to risk death to vanquish them. As a rule the longer a Vampire has lived the stronger it becomes. It's rumored the first of their kind still lives nearly 13,000 years after his creation. If legend is correct, many of the lesser gods envy his power.

Typical Vampire:

Height and Weight: 6 feet, 150 pounds

Life span: Infinite (In theory) but few go longer than 300 years before reproduction ends their un-life.


Lizard Men: Strong and brutish Lizard Men travel in small bands. They tend to live near aquatic swamps but are capable of life even in the dry desert. Unlike most reptiles they are warm blooded. They are excellent warriors as they coordinate well with their fellows to strike at a victim as a group.

Typical Lizard Man:

Height and Weight: 5 1/2 feet, 160 pounds

Life span 45 years


Brownie: Magical in nature the Brownie is a very elusive race. There have been only a few reported sightings of a group of Brownies in excess of 3. Even Elves are amazed to catch more than a glimpse of 2 or 3 in their long lifetimes. The exact nature of their lifestyles is a mystery even to this ancient text but many elder sages believe the Brownie to be a young pupa stage of the flying Pixie. When asked about such things, most Brownies simply turn invisible never to appear to that individual again.

Typical Brownie:

Height and Weight: 2 1/2 feet, 50 pounds

Life span: Unknown but believed to be about 70 years.


Pixie: Extremely magical in nature, the Pixie is a complete mystery. Though rare, they do associate with other races from time to time. They radiate a strong sense of goodwill and nearly every race or wild creature is drawn to them when they are around. Exactly where they come from is unknown but it's believed that they have some magical link to Brownies as it is common to see a Pixie buzzing about the head of a Brownie scolding the Brownie like a bad stepchild.

Typical Pixie:

Height and Weight: 1 1/2 feet, 10 pounds

Life span: Unknown but it's said they are the only immortal race that does not have an undead or Nether worldly origin. They still feel the affects of aging and tend to have a useful life span of 300 years.


Leprechaun: Mischievous by nature, the Leprechaun loves to poke fun at others in a harmless sort of way. They frequent forested areas but are also known to dwell in the attics of larger mansions of humans and the cellars of Dwarven and Gnomish strongholds. Most other races find their antics enjoyable when not directed at them personally and tend to take a liking to them as a whole. It's believed by most races that the presence of a Leprechaun to be good luck as they are very sensitive to the probabilities of luck and shun those they find to be unlucky. Leprechauns and Brownies do not seem to get along well. This is a real mystery as both races are goodly and fun loving in nature.

Typical Leprechaun:

Height and Weight: 3 feet, 60 pounds

Life span: 90 years.


Demons: Demons are not native to the plane of Realmz but are often stranded here. Demons are brought to the Realmz through rituals performed by sorcerers and enchanters. This is almost always done against the Demon's will. When arriving in the Realmz, they often engage in a battle of mental power with the summoning Mage. If they are victorious they often kill the Mage and thus end any chance they have of returning to their native plane. If the Demon is out on a task for the Mage and the Mage meets his doom, a similar fate befalls the demon.

In their native world Demons are brutal and untrustworthy. However, they are not altogether stupid and realize their fate when stranded in the Realmz. They realize it's in their own best interest to get along with those of this world as they are often isolated and have nowhere to turn to for aid if they should encounter hard times. They often accept room and board along with a moderate amount of wealth to act as guards to wealthy merchants. Even rogue vampires and large orcish tribes will shy away from a merchant train that boasts a Demon among its ranks.

Typical Demon:

Height and Weight: Varies by nature of the beast.

Life span: Varies by nature of the beast but averages about 120 years.


Cathoon: Lithe and quick, the Cathoon are a strange race indeed. In physical appearance they seem almost a cross between a cat and a bat. Though they have no wings or retractable claws they do have incredible hearing, night site and a speed and dexterity unmatched by anything on two legs. Normally solitary in nature later in life, they have an innate curiosity when young. Often it is this curiosity that causes an untimely demise. It's said that a Cathoon must be extremely lucky to live to a ripe old age. The old proverb "Curiosity killed the cat" was originally coined by a Cathoon philosopher who stated "Curiosity killed the Cathoon." When they reach their 30th birthday they perform a solitary ceremony known as "The Ritual of Nine Lives." Upon the completion of the ceremony they give thanks for surviving their youth and settle down with a mate to lead a dull and uneventful life.

Typical Cathoon:

Height and Weight: 3-4 feet, 60-80 pounds.

Life span: 65 years but few live past the age of 9. Most perish by the hands and claws of others for sticking their noses into places they should have stayed clear of.



Importing characters from older versions of Realmz or to import a character from a different copy of Realmz follow these steps:


NOTE: This version of Realmz only supports importing characters created with version 5.0 or higher of Realmz. Any characters from a version older than 5.0 will not work with Realmz 5.0 or higher.


1) Place the character files into the folder named, "Character Files" of your new copy. It's very important that you move the files yourself. Import does not actually MOVE any files.

2) Select "Begin New Adventure" and click the "Import" button.

3) Locate and select all the characters you want to be available in your new copy of Realmz.


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