Chapter 4 

Starting A New Adventure

This manual is rather in-depth and covers many aspects of the game that you are not required to know to have fun. It's intended for those who really want to get into the nuts and bolts of creating characters and watching them progress. If you just want to jump in and start adventuring, you can use some standard characters included with Realmz. Otherwise, you can generate new characters.

12 pre-generated characters are included with Realmz. Six 1st Level and six 3rd Level characters. If you find yourself getting killed too easily with the 1st Level characters, try using the 3rd Level characters. Once you have a better feel for the game, you will most likely want to create your own characters.


To start a new game

1) Select the name of the scenario you wish to play in the Adventure menu.

2) Select Begin New Adventure from the Game menu.

3) Choose the characters you wish to adventure with.

4) Select the difficulty level for play.

5) Select the monster set you wish to use. Each scenario was developed with the normal monster set in mind. If you use MONSTER MONSTERS or MEGA MONSTERS the game will be much harder.

6) Click 'DONE' That's it. The game should now build a new world for you to adventure in. Have fun!


Creating Your Own Characters

To generate new characters, select Generate New Character from the character menu. See the following chapters for more information on creating new characters:


Character Castes • Prestige

Character Races • Importing Characters

Character Attributes • Character Aging


Each scenario will have a recommended number of Skill Levels with which to begin the adventure. As you add characters to the party, the total number of Skill Levels of the current party is compared to the recommended number.

If you begin the adventure with less than the recommended number of Skill Levels, you will earn Victory Points and Monetary treasure at a faster rate to compensate for the added difficulty. The opposite is also true. If the party has more Skill Levels than the recommended number, then characters will earn Victory Points at a slower rate.

The City of Bywater's recommended number of Skill Levels is 6. What this means is that you may start with any number of characters with a total of up to 6 Skill Levels at Normal difficulty to gain Victory Points and treasure at 100% the normal rate. If you have more/less than this amount, or vary the difficulty level, then the rate at which you gain Victory Points and treasure will vary.

NOTE: Registered copies DO NOT have a maximum level limit. The rate at which you gain Victory Points will decline as you add more characters, so if you add too many, you will be hard pressed to gain levels.


How to add or drop characters from your party

To remove a character from the party, select the character, and click DROP.

ERASE will delete a character from the list of possible characters FOREVER, and remove his character file from your hard drive. Never do this unless you are sure you don't want this character anymore.

Done will band the party together and start you on the road to adventure. (Provided you have added at leased one character to the party)

Difficulty level will adjust the difficulty and frequency of battles and the rate at which characters will gain Victory Points. The game remains the same, but monsters will be tougher or easier. The amount of Victory Points and monetary treasure will also vary by the difficulty level.

Importing Characters To import characters from a different copy of Realmz put the character file(s) in the Character Files folder of your new copy. Select Begin New Adventure and click the IMPORT button. The game will then ask you to locate your existing characters. Once they are selected, they will be added to the list of available characters. NOTE: The IMPORT features does not move any files, you will have to move the character files from your old copy to your new copy prior to clicking on the Import button.


What makes a good party? A good party will consist of a well-balanced mix of characters. Too many of any one caste or race is doomed to failure. Each caste has its strong and weak points. See CHARACTER CASTES in the Character Castes chapter for a description of the various castes, including their various strengths and weaknesses.


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