Chapter 3 

What is the object of Realmz?

Other scenarios have more of an end goal, but The City of Bywater has no underlying goal for its completion. You are a group of adventurers who has arrived in The City of Bywater with a small amount of gold and a great desire for adventure.

This was a first attempt at creating a scenario so I pretty much winged it as I created the scenario driver. The story line is fairly loose, so you can pretty much go wherever you like, whenever you like. Some people will like this better than strictly linear games that guide you along a path. Finish X, so you can try Y, to get to Z. What happens if X is boring, or you can't figure it out? You would be stuck in that case. Never fear! Now you will be able to do what YOU want to do, not what the game designers want you to do. Pretty slick!

Disclaimer: I have not had the chance to beta test this on every configuration. New hardware and software is coming out so fast, who could? It may not work 100% on some systems. I do not make any guarantees as to the compatibility now or in the future with any hardware or software, nor do I accept responsibility for any damage caused by this software package for any reason. This software is supplied as is, and any payments on your part are refundable at our discretion.

We reserve the right to make any changes to the game driver, scenarios or their playability at any time. This may be necessary as we develop new scenarios in order to maintain good game play, or to add new features.


Notes on the scenario: The City of Bywater

The City of Bywater is an honest city. The average man has little to fear except for the occasional cutpurse. The city is ruled by a kind king. Recently, a tower has been built by a cult of spider worshippers just to the east of the city. Though they have broken no laws, it is widely known that they practice evil ceremonies, and it is rumored that they plan on the eventual overthrow of the king. Many believe the spider tower actually contains NO spiders, but other forms of arachnids instead. Open ranges frequented by goblins lie south of the city. Eastward, tribes of Orcs rove the land. Southeast of the city, the land is largely unexplored. Rumors say that the lands are occupied by small groups of Hill Giants.


Some Tips

1) Don't be paranoid. Bywater is an honest town. Don't walk around in fear of the town guard unless you have done something wrong. Realmz is unlike many adventure games that plunge you into trouble for no apparent reason.

2) A good defense is often your best offense. Before engaging in a known battle, it is helpful to camp and cast a few defensive spells. This will significantly improve your chances for success in battle.

For example: Just prior to a battle, you should camp, then cast any defensive spells such as Bless, Bark Skin, Protection From Cold, etc.

3) Save your game often! This can't be stressed enough! After the successful completion of an encounter or major battle, it's wise to save the game. If your party dies, you will be able to pick up where you left off.

4) A well-balanced party is essential for success. To survive, almost any party will need at least one Priest and either a Sorcerer or Enchanter. Priests are very defensive in nature and have a wide variety of defensive and healing spells. Sorcerers and Enchanters have a few defensive spells, but as a whole, have many more offensive spells. Magic is sometimes the only way in certain situations, in or out of trouble.


Preferences: After you've played a bit, you may want to customize the game to fit your needs. The Preferences menu will allow you to do this.

Volume can be set from within Realmz. When you quit Realmz, the volume will be reset to the volume you had before starting Realmz.

Delay Speed refers to the general length of time between messages on the screen, as well as the speed at which you and enemies move around on the game screens. The higher the number, the slower the game will play.

Default To Last Spell will automatically preselect the last spell cast by a character whenever that character casts another spell. (Real handy!) You will still be required to select the Power Level of the spell because it will default to Power Level 1.

Faster Spell Casting will speed up the flight time of spells for those who hate to wait.

Faster Spell Resolution will speed up dealing out damage or conditions from spells that affect a large number of creatures. For large battles this is a big plus in speeding up the game. You can also toggle this option on/off via the keyboard with Command-H.

Use Off screen Combatant Hash Marks: Realmz will put a green, blue or red hash mark around the edge of the screen during combat to give you an idea as to where your friends and enemies are relative to you. If you don't want to see those hash marks turn this option OFF.

Drop Item Protection will prevent you from accidentally dropping items and losing them forever. With Drop Item Protection turned on, you must hold down the command key ( ) while clicking the drop button or hitting the 'D' key.

Forget Treasure Protection will alert you if you are about to leave money behind during the collection of treasure.

Fast Trade - Buy - Sell Item This option eliminates the need to drag items left or right across the screen in order to trade/buy/sell items. With this option on, you only have to click on the item and it will automatically be traded, bought or sold.

The big downfall to this method is that you will not see the weight/cost/offer of the item prior to the action.

NOTE: Even with this option off, you can still perform this method by holding the shift key when clicking on an item. This will give you the added flexibility of being able to trade items quickly while still being able to see more information prior to the action at selected times.

Auto Identify With this option on, the first member in the party who is capable of casting IDENTIFY OBJECTS will attempt to identify items as they are taken during the collection of treasure. This will prevent you from having to cast Identify Objects on items in the items screen.

Auto Join When you take items during the collection of treasure, or buy or trade items, they will automatically be joined with similar items. i.e. If your character has 12 torches in a bundle and buys 6 more, he will now have a single bundle of 18 instead of a bundle of 12 and a bundle of 6.

Not all items can be bundled. Items such as torches, parchment, flasks of oil, darts, throwing stars etc. are examples of some that can.

Auto Cash In If your character does not have enough gold to purchase an item, gems and jewelry will be cashed in to make enough gold to buy the item. Gems and jewelry from the pool are cashed in first. If there is still not enough gold, then the character's gems and jewelry will be cashed in.

Only gems and jewelry from the pool and the character attempting to buy the item will be cashed in. Gems and jewelry from other characters will not be cashed in.

Use Theldrow Font If this item is checked, the Theldrow font will be used for text. Otherwise a less artistic but easier for some people to read font will be used.

Show Spell Description If this item is checked, a brief description of a spell's use, range, damage and effect will be displayed on the game screen during the spell selection process.

Hide Desktop If this item is checked the desktop will be hidden.

Manual Bandage Only In Combat If checked, you will have to bandage bleeding characters by clicking the 'Bandage' button or by typing 'B' on the keyboard during combat. This will prevent a character that is under 'AUTO' control from bandaging a bleeding character by default.

Show Bleeding Character Notification If you want to be reminded at the end of each combat round about any bleeding characters turn this option ON.

Show Next Combat Round Notification At the end of each combat round, a message box will appear in the center of the screen to inform you that the next combat round has begun. If this message bugs you, you can turn it off here.

Append Character Caste to Portrait This option will append the character's caste to the bottom of their portrait whenever it is displayed. When you turn this option on and off, it may not take effect immediately.

Switch to 256 Colors on Startup With this option on, Realmz will not ask for permission to switch to 256 Colors if your main monitor is in other than 256 Color mode. It will just do it, and continue to load without bothering you.

Auto Switch to Melee in Combat Your character will switch to a melee weapon automatically in combat if you attempt to attack with a missile weapon, but are too close to an enemy.

Disable Music Realmz will not initialize the music driver. This will prevent any background music from playing on startup. You will not be able to activate any music unless this option is checked before you launch Realmz.

Allow Weapon Fumbling If you do not want to deal with Fumbling Weapons you can eliminate all types of weapon fumbling for both your party and all enemies. All fumbling spells will be worthless as well. Disabling this option will reduce Victory Points awarded by 10%.

Allow Unique Items If you do not want unique item restrictions you can turn that option off. Disabling this option will reduce Victory Points awarded by 10%.

Auto Journal This will assume you want every message entered into the Journal. Otherwise you must hit the "J" key to copy the text into the Journal.

Detailed Item Info This option will place an item's Damage, Armor Rating Adjustment and To Hit adjustment below the item's name in the Items/Shop/Trade screens.


What if I don't like some of the terms used in Realmz?

You can edit spell names, race names and caste names by selecting EDIT RACE /CASTE NAMES or EDIT SPELL NAMES from the Preference menu. This will let you redefine the names of these things so they are more to your tastes. In order for you to do this, you MUST have the file "Custom Names" in your Realmz Data Files folder.


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