Chapter 20


When you happen upon a shop, the SHOP button will appear at the bottom of the screen. To enter the shop, click on the SHOP button.

A shop is a place where you can buy and sell weapons, armor, magic and a variety of other goods. You can also exchange gold into gems or sell gems and jewelry for gold.

To buy or sell items, select the character who wishes to buy or sell on the left side, and make sure the shop keeper is displayed on the right. If a character is showing on both the left and right sides, you may switch the right side to the shop keeper by clicking on the category of items you wish to buy. You may now buy or sell by dragging items left or right as you wish. To trade between characters, place one on either side, and drag items between the two.

Note: If a selected item is not usable by the character on the other side of the screen, the cursor will change to a small red stop sign. The character will still be able to buy or obtain the unusable item. This is only a warning to show whether an item is usable or not, so you don't accidentally buy an item for a character that they cannot use.

Note: If an item is equipped, it must be unequipped before it can be traded or sold. To equip, or remove items, while in either the shop or trade screen, hold down the ALT key and click the desired item. It will then be removed or equipped.

When selling items, the shopkeeper will make an offer to buy the specific item. If you choose to sell that item, the selling price will be added to the money pool. When purchasing items, the required funds will be deducted from the character and the money pool automatically.

The amount of money the shop keeper will offer for an unidentified magical item will be a lot less than if the item is identified.

Note: You can hold the shift key down when clicking on an item to pass it to the other side more quickly. If the shop keeper is on the other side you will buy or sell the item. This is quite a bit quicker than dragging items back and forth, but you do not get to see the cost, offer and weight of the item being traded, bought or sold.

Note: You may also hold the Control key and click on an item to bring up the fact sheet. Control click will bring up the fact sheet in the items and treasure collection screens as well.


When you enter a temple, you will see a screen that displays the types of healing that the temple offers, and the going price. The money will be deducted from the party pool or character automatically. You may also change gold into gems, and visa versa, while in a temple.


Money Changing If you find yourself being bogged down by lots of gold, you can trade in gold for gems. You may change money whenever there is a shop or temple available to the party. To do so, click the money bag icon. This will take you to the money swap screen.

You will now notice that the buttons with the money icons are now raised. By depressing them you may exchange money. You may change jewelry in for gems and gems in for gold and if you are in a shop or temple gold in for gems. (You can NEVER change gems into jewelry.) This is handy because gold is quite heavy. As the party accumulates wealth, you will find that the sheer weight of gold will reduce your characters to pack mules and reduce their movement in combat. Therefore, trade up to gems whenever possible. NOTE: It takes 115 gold to purchase a gem of 100 gold piece value, so only trade gold in for gems when it is warranted, as you will lose a bit in the trade.


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