Chapter 19 


Every now and then the party will encounter some very special situations. During special encounters, a prompt may appear so you can decide what you would like to try do to resolve the situation.

Most encounters are easily handled, but some can be very open as to the choices the party may make. On these occasions you will see an action bar such as the one below.

In order, from left to right, the option buttons shown are:

1) Cast a spell.

2) Use a scroll from a characters scroll case.

3) Use an item.

4) Perform a physical action.

5) Attempt to use special abilities such as Pick Locks, Disarm Trap etc.

6) Speak a word or phrase.

7) Back away from the whole situation. (Not always available)

Not all of these options will be available at all times. If a particular option is not available for that encounter, it will be marked out.

Selecting either of the first two options will cast the spell (or scroll) that you will select, then the outcome of that action will be displayed.

To use an item, you will be given the opportunity to select the item you wish to use in the items window, then just click the USE button.

If you choose to perform a physical action, you will be prompted to select from a list of possible actions. The cursor will display the number of possible choices which you will have to complete a successful action.

If you attempt to use a special ability, such as Pick Lock, a special screen will be displayed. There, you may select the character and the ability that they will attempt to use. Only those special abilities that apply to the specific situation will be highlighted.

If you choose to Speak, you will be prompted to type in exactly what you wish to say. This feature often requires only one word. Complex sentences or phrases are not generally required. For example - If you say the word "Waterford" to the old librarian in town he will respond with what he knows of the old sunken city of Waterford. If you were to type, "What do you know about Waterford" you would get NO response from him.

Encounter Types A type of encounter that is not available in the first scenario is the open- ended encounter. To put it in plain words, you may attempt just about anything, at any time, by selecting the encounter button in the lower right hand corner of the game screen.

This will bring up the action bar.


From the Action Bar, you may attempt anything, in hopes it will yield results. It is important to note, that by doing actions from within this mode, you are attempting to perform that action on your environment, and not the party itself.   


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