Chapter 18



Unidentified items will have their names displayed in an Outlined style.

All actions can be completed either by clicking on the appropriate button, or by pressing the highlighted letter on the keyboard.

To wear or remove an item, double-click on that item or hold down the ALT key & single-click the item. You may also use the up and down arrow keys to select items, and the RETURN, ENTER or SPACE keys to wear or remove an item.

An item that is currently being worn or is equipped has a gray background to show it's in use.

NOTE: If the background of a worn or equipped item is red instead of gray, then that item is scenario specific. Scenario specific items are not available to the character in other scenarios.

Use: Allows the character to use an item such as a potion or magic item. NOTE: This is not the same as wearing and removing an item. If you wish to use an item during an encounter, select the item you wish to use, and click this button.

Show: Displays a fact sheet giving known information about the item. If the item is not identified, the fact sheet (shown below) will be incomplete, and will only display what you know about the item. You may also hold the Option key and click on an item to bring up the fact sheet. Option-click will bring up the fact sheet in the shop and treasure collection screens as well.

Cast Identify: Providing someone in the party can cast Identify Objects, they will identify all items of the current character. The true name of all non-cursed items will now be displayed, and the fact sheet will be complete. Spell points will be deducted from the character who casts the identify objects spell.

Pay To Identify: Provided there is a shop or temple available to the party, and the party has at least 20 gold pieces, the shopkeeper or temple leader will identify the item that is selected. This has all the same effects as if you cast Identify Objects yourself, but you won't lose any spell points, and it only works on one item at a time. If an item is already identified, then no gold will be deducted.

Drop: This item will drop the item from the characters inventory permanently. Once an item is dropped, there is no way to retrieve it.

Join: Some identical items may be combined in order to save space. Rations, Potions, Torches etc. can be combined with similar objects.

Split: Some items may be split into smaller piles in order pass around the party. Rations, Potions, Torches etc. can be split into smaller groups.

Fact Sheet Displayed when you click SHOW or IDENTIFY an item. The fact sheet will list any special abilities which are imparted by an item. If the current character is not capable of using the item due to caste or racial reason that will also be displayed.

Miscellaneous facts such as magical bonus, weight, any adjustment to the wearer's brawn, armor rating, movement, magic resistance or maximum spell points. In addition, the amount of damage a weapon inflicts will be displayed.

Damage: The maximum amount of damage the weapon will inflict.

Heat, Cold, Electric: The amount of extra damage caused due to these properties. Example: Sting is a magical dagger that has a flaming blade. It will do normal damage for a +3 dagger plus 1 to 4 additional points of heat damage.

Evil, Undead, Demonic: The amount of extra damage caused due to these properties. Example: A Nethermace is a magical mace that does additional damage to a wide range of demonic creatures. It will do normal damage for a +2 mace plus 1 to 12 points of damage to any creature that is a demon, daemon or devil.

Most items that are worn will only allow you to wear one at a time. i.e. You can't wear two sets of gloves. You can, however, wear two rings, but they must be of different types. In addition, you can equip one melee weapon such as a sword or club, and one missile weapon such as a bow or throwing stars. During combat you can toggle the active 'ready' weapon between the melee and missile weapon.

Some items also require 2 hands to use, such as a two-handed sword or pike axe. If you equip a weapon of this type, you may not equip a shield. The limitation of the number of hands you have does not apply to missile weapons. A missile weapon can be used in combat without having to remove your shield.

Unique Items Some items in Realmz are considered unique and the party may only have one of them. Many of these unique items appear in more than one location, yet you will only be able to take the first one you find. This is to allow for some people not finding some items, or allowing them to attain some items that are in scenarios they have not played.

Magic Items Some magic weapons are labeled +1, +2, +3 etc. etc. Each +1 of a weapon means that it will do 1 extra point of damage over and above the normal damage for a weapon of that type. In addition, each +1 adds a 5% chance to hit your enemy. i.e. A Long sword +3 adds 3 damage to the total done and is +15% to hit.

Magic items such as potions, scroll, rings, etc., etc. are very numerous in Realmz. Each scenario can add/change the attributes of some items so there will never be a limit as to what you may find in Realmz.

When your characters equip an item that is only available in the scenario you are playing, it will have a red background instead of the standard gray. This will make it easier for you to know which items are not available in other scenarios.

It would be a very large task indeed to tell you what each and every item does in this manual, so you may have to experiment a bit to find the items exact nature. There is a Realmz Book of Items that gives detailed info on many of the items found in Realmz. Visit the Fantasoft website for more info on the Realmz Book of Items.

Cursed Items Some magic items that appear to be beneficial are, in fact, cursed. In order to remove cursed items you must cast a Remove Items spell on that character or take them to a temple and pay to have it removed. There is only two ways to know if an items is cursed.

1) Put it on. If you do and it's name changes to something you really don't like, then odds are it's cursed.

2) Sell it to a shop. When for sale, any cursed items will have their true name and stats shown.

NOTE: Identifying an items does not reveal if it is cursed or not.


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