Chapter 15 

Maps • Note Journal • Note Keeper


Maps From time to time in the adventure you will come into possession of maps. The names of all maps possessed by the party are displayed under the 'Maps/Notes' menu. To view a map, select the name of the map from the menu. If the party is located anywhere on the current map, their location will be displayed.

NOTE: While the map is displayed, the X and Y location of the top left hand corner of the map is displayed in the fatigue bar.


Note Keeper The first item under the 'Maps/Notes' menu is Note Keeper. The Note Keeper is a way for you to jot down notes about various things and leave them in the area. When you create a note, a little note icon will appear on the ground. To view what you have written at a later time, simply select Note Keeper from the menu again and click the arrow keys until you see the note you wish to read. To erase a note, just erase all text from the note, and close the note.

To view any note, simply use the arrow buttons to move left and right in the notebook. You may only edit/erase a note if you are actually standing on that particular note.


Journal The second item under the 'Maps/Notes' menu is Journal. The Journal is a way for you to record and edit the text that is displayed in the text window during game play.

• To record text that is displayed in the text window into the Journal, just type ALT - T while the text is displayed. You will not be able to record some text. For the most part, anything you would want to record, can be.

• To view a Journal entry, simply select Journal from the menu, or type ALT - J

You may then click the arrow buttons to move forward or backward in the Journal. You may also edit the text in the Journal, once it has been entered.


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