Chapter 14 

Camp • Healing • Rations


Camp While the party is camped, they may rest to reduce fatigue by pressing and holding the REST button.

While in camp, there is a reduced chance to be involved in random encounters, in addition castes that are capable of creating magical scrolls may do so, provided they possess a scroll case, parchment, and an adequate number of spell points to scribe the spell.

It requires twice as many spell points to scribe a spell as it does to cast the spell outright. As an example, it would cost 4 spell points to cast a level 1 Magic Dart spell. To scribe the same Magic Dart spell would require 2 x 4 = 8 spell points to create the scroll.


Healing and Rations If characters are wounded, they may regain their stamina by magical means, but will also heal over time. Characters will regain stamina at a rate of 1 point per 3 levels of skill every 12 hours. Thus a 1st, 2nd or 3rd skill level character will heal 1 point of stamina every 12 hours, a 4th, 5th or 6th skill level character will heal 2 points every 12 hours, a 7th, 8th or 9th skill level character will heal 3 points every 12 hours, and so on.

The above rate of healing holds true ONLY if someone in the party is carrying rations. If there are no rations available for the wounded character to eat, then healing will progress at half the normal rate, rounded down to a minimum of 1 point every 12 hours.

Example: A 9th skill level character who has rations to eat will heal at the rate of 3 points every 12 hours, but will only heal at the rate of 1 points every 12 hours if there are no rations to consume.

Note that 1 point per 12 hours is the minimum rate for ALL rates of healing. You need not do anything to consume rations, as they will be used automatically as you heal. The rations may be carried by any member of the party, and will be consumed only by those members who are healing. Since rations tend to be heavy, it would be advisable to have the stronger party members carry them.

Spell Casting In Camp Any allies with the party can be affected by spells while in camp under certain conditions. If you cast an area spell, then all party members as well as any allies with the party will be affected. If you cast a spell that affects all friends, they will also be affected. If you cast a spell that increases the number of targets as the power level goes up, then all allies will be affected provided you cast it at a power level 1 greater than the number of party members you have.

Example: If you have 6 members in your party and you cast a power level 6 Invisible Skin spell, only the 6 party members will be affected. If you cast it at power level 7, all of the allies will also be affected no matter how many you have.

Healing During Combat You may heal characters during combat by the use of magical spells, scrolls, potions, unguents, etc. Once a character has become unconscious during combat that character will drop out of combat. Provided that character has not dropped to -10 stamina that character can still be healed and brought back into combat. To do this, cast any healing spell during combat as you would normally. Since unconscious characters do not have an icon on the battle field to target you will need to target them by selecting their dimmed portrait to the right of the combat screen. If the healing spell brings that character above 0 stamina, that character will re-enter battle.

Characters that are healed and brought back into battle will be a little helpless at first until they clear their head. They will be completely helpless for the remainder of the round (Z Round) in which they rejoin combat.

The following round (Z plus one) they will be reduced to 1/2 their normal movement and unable to cast spells.

The following round (Z plus two) they will still be reduced to 1/2 their normal movement, but will be able to cast spells.

At (Z plus three) they will be at full movement, and have normal spell casting ability.


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