Chapter 12 

Damage • Death

As your characters take damage from various sources, there may come a time when they reach 0 Stamina. When this happens, you will notice that the character's portrait becomes dimmed. This signifies that the character is unconscious and unable to do anything. They are not dead, however, and can heal. In fact, they can fall as low as -9 and still only be unconscious. If their Stamina falls to -10 or lower, they actually die. The only way to revive a dead character is by spell casting, or by having them resurrected in a temple.

During combat when a character falls to zero or less stamina, that character will disappear from the combat screen. Each combat round thereafter, that character will bleed for 1 point of stamina until dead unless they are bandaged. Bandaging a character will stop the bleeding, and thus prevent the character from bleeding to death.


Healing During Combat You may heal characters during combat by the use of magical spells, scrolls, potions, unguents, etc. Once a character has become unconscious during combat that character will drop off the combat map. Provided that character has not dropped to -10 stamina or lower that character can still be healed and brought back into combat. To do this, cast any healing spells during combat as you wish and target the characters portrait. Since unconscious characters do not have an icon on the battle field to target you will need to target them by selecting their dimmed portrait to the right of the combat screen. If the healing spell brings that character above 0 stamina, that character will re-enter battle.

Characters that are healed and brought back into battle will be a little helpless at first until they clear their head. They will be completely helpless for the remainder of the round (Z Round) in which they rejoin combat.

The following round (Z plus one) they will be reduced to 1/2 their normal movement and unable to cast spells.

The following round (Z plus two) they will still be reduced to 1/2 their normal movement, but will be able to cast spells.

At (Z plus three) they will be at full movement, and have normal spell casting ability.


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