Chapter 11 

Victory Points • Gaining Skill Levels


Victory Points are awarded for defeating opponents in battle, and for completing special tasks throughout the adventure. When you are awarded victory points, they are added to the number shown in the characters information window. The current victory points are shown as a negative number. When you gain victory points, they are added to the negative number. When the total shown goes above zero, the character has gained enough knowledge and skills to advance to the next skill level. The victory points total will then be lowered by the amount required to gain the next skill level.

New characters start at skill level 1. Different castes require different amounts of victory points to achieve certain skill levels.

NOTE: Only characters that are conscious at the time the victory points are awarded will receive victory points. For example, if at the end of battle the total amount of victory points awarded is 1000 points, and only 5 of the 6 party members are conscious, each of the 5 members will receive 200 points, and the unconscious member will receive nothing. Characters that run from battle do not receive victory points and neither do animated characters.

Sometimes your character may perform actions that awards them victory points immediately.

• A character that destroy an undead by attempting to turn them will receive 75 victory points per toughness level of the monster.

• A character that turns an undead will receive 150 victory points per toughness level of the monster.

• A character who is successful at disarming a trap or picking a lock will receive 300 victory points per tumbler picked. Each of the colored lines that moves is representative of a tumbler. Example: If an Enchanter picks a lock with 4 tumblers, that Enchanter will receive 1200 victory points.

• A character who is successful in forcing a lock will receive 300 victory points per level of difficulty of the lock. Example: If a fighter forces a lock with 4 levels of difficulty, that fighter will receive 1200 victory points.


Penalty For Overage Characters

Each race has a maximum age they can attain. Once your character lived beyond that age they will NOT die. They can live forever in Realmz. However, once they have gone past their maximum age they will suffer a one third penalty to all victory points awarded. i.e. They will only get 66% as many victory points as they would normally get if they were below the maximum age for their race.


Calculating Victory Points for Enemies You Kill

The value in victory points of an enemy you kill, destroy, slaughter, or blow to pieces in general is calculated as below.

Value of monster = Base Value + (Per Stamina x Actual Stamina Of Enemy) + (Extra Bonuses)


NOTE: Keep in mind that all Victory Points as calculated above is a base amount. If you began the adventure at a difficulty rating other than NORMAL, or had higher or lower numbers of character skill levels than the recommended number, you may earn higher or lower amounts of victory points. This takes into account the difficulty level of play. The harder your settings, the more victory points you will earn.


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