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Realmz™ Manual 7.0.0

Copyright© 1994-99 Fantasoft LLC


Registration Fee- $20 for Realmz & The City of Bywater Scenario.

Additional scenarios are $13 each.

Realmz is not free. You may try Realmz for 45 days, after which you are obligated to either register Realmz with Fantasoft or remove it from your computer. If you want to register the scenario driver or additional scenarios please fill out the registration form and send it in with your payment to the address on the order form or click ORDERS tab above to visit our website and oder online. In return, we will send you a registration code so you can register your copy of Realmz and gain additional benefits. (See below)

You may pass along copies of Realmz as long as you pass along only complete unregistered copies, with all files in an unaltered state. You may not charge any fee for Realmz for any reason. You may not distribute Realmz in any form of media such as floppy disk or CD ROM without permission from Fantasoft. If you would like to request permission, contact us at:


The benefits of having a registered copy are:


1) You will be able to explore the remainder of the initial scenario, "The City of Bywater". You are prevented from exploring a large area until you register.

2) You will be able to play test a portion of other scenarios to decide if you wish to register each. Additional scenarios are $13 each.

3) You will be able to play scenarios created by others using the Divinity scenario creator. Currently Divinity is only available on Macintosh. However, scenarios created with the Macintosh version are playable on the Windows version of Realmz.

4) The 'About Realmz' dialog will no longer appear every time you launch Realmz.

5) You will be able to create characters starting as high as the 30th skill level.

6) No restrictions on the maximum skill levels allowed to begin an adventure.

7) Your characters will be saved as they gain skill levels, otherwise they are limited to achieve skill level 7 as a maximum, and will only be able to start a new adventure at the 3rd skill level.

8) You can turn the option of Fumbling Weapons and Unique Items off if you so desire.

9) You can select higher difficulty levels and harder monster sets.


Your support will help ensure the continued development of Realmz and new scenarios. This is largely a one man effort, and every dollar helps.

[ Realmz represents seven years of intensive effort, and is a quality work. Please do not alter, hack or clone this program except for YOUR OWN private use! Programs as elegant as this one come along only 'once in a blue moon! I encourage you to support Mr. Phillips' efforts by registering your copy, and by sending your comments and messages of encouragement to him! Let a sense of integrity and honesty be your guide in this matter. Sincerely, L.E.F., Manual Editor ]

Due to the extreme complexity of this game, there is no way for me to anticipate every possible problem ahead of time. For that reason, I reserve the right to make whatever changes to the scenario engine, game files and game playability at any time. I have put in a lot of effort to make sure that I could add new features with minimal changes to the interface or file formats, but sometimes a major overhaul may be required. If that happens, I will try to include ways of converting old characters and saved games to the new format, but I can't guarantee anything.

Questions / Bug reports / Suggestions:

E-mail any bug reports to us at:

ALWAYS include the version of Realmz that you have. A lot of things change, and without the version number it's pretty tough to verify the problem. Please try to be as specific as possible. A comment such as, "It crashes all the time," is too vague, and will not be of any real value in correcting the problem. Try to describe where you were and what you were doing in the game, along with your system configuration.

If you need a written reply to a question by U.S. Mail, please include a self-addressed, stamped envelope to facilitate a quick reply with a minimum of effort on our part.

I would like to thank the following people in helping to make Realmz possible:

My wonderful wife, Erin Phillips, who patiently (and sometimes not so patiently) supported me by putting up with numerous weekends and evenings over the last 7 years while I worked an almost full-time second nonpaying job, attempting to create this dream and make it a reality.

Glenn Andreas: The cool Theldrow font and some nifty icons were derived from his game "Theldrow", not to mention that Theldrow was a big motivater for me to start Realmz.

Lance Linimon for lending a hand in the sound department. Lance has been involved in music and sound since he began playing piano at the age of three. Not long after, he began tinkering around with tape recorders, sound effects records and Moog synthesizers. He has since made music a lifetime hobby and a possible career. Lance has composed a great deal of music, including songs recorded by bands in which he's played an integral role as keyboardist or guitarist, a string quartet which has performed across his home state, music for a play and numerous other works. Several bands repeatedly use him as their producer and engineer on demos and local releases. He is currently preparing to work on solo material in his home studio. His influences include Dead Can Dance (which vaguely inspired Realmz's intro music), Cocteau Twins, Mission of Burma, Supercollider, Wire and Red House Painters, among many others. He can be reached at E-mail address:

Lane Foulk for being the first registered owner of Realmz, and for volunteering to edit the Realmz manual. Lane is a 9th grade math and computer teacher, 15-year veteran RPGer, church deacon. Introduced to the Apple // computer in about 1979, the combination had him hooked. Beginning with Akalabeth, Wizardry, Bard's Tale and games of similar ilk, Lane walked the dangerously thin line between keeping a job and wife, raising two beautiful children, and trying to support the fantasy gaming habit while maintaining some semblance of sanity. Some would argue as to whether he's succeeded or not... In any event, Lane graduated to the Macintosh, play tested the beta version of Realmz, made a few helpful suggestions, contributed at least one nifty graphic, and helped to correct Tim's near-perfect spelling and punctuation! >;-) Lane can be reached at

The beta testers: Randy Lee, Don Henson, Neil Shapiro and Brett Pawlowski.

Also some of the others who chimed in with special insights or graphics: Chris Johnson, Terry Schussler, John H. Chrostowski, A. Wesley Reese, Andrew Dyer, Gerry Inks, Adam Neuman, Louis I. Dagen and Andy Hunter.

All Fantasy RPGers everywhere: For bothering to read this far. (I don't think I would have.)




Realmz uses the sound engine from PlayerPRO to play that cool background music.

PlayerPRO is a complete music editor/player (soundtracker) by Antoine Rosset. PlayerPRO can import and play these formats: MOD, S3M, MIDI, MTM, MADx, snd, WAV, AIFF, AIFC. Sound quality from 8 bits, 22Khz, Mono to 16 bits, 44Khz, Stereo.

For more information, you can visit the PlayerPRO website:

Artwork by Max S. Fellwalker is copyright 1994-1996 by her and used with her permission. You can contact Max at:

Sleepy Cat Graphics

P.O. Box 608048

San Diego, CA 92160

Artwork by Andy Hunter is copyright 1994-1997 by him and used with his permission. You can contact Andy at:


About This Manual

This manual is not perfect. It's pretty extensive as far as most game manuals go, and I have tried my best to include anything an avid player could ever want to know. As time goes by, I will add new sections to explain new features as they become available.

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