Karnak Lands:


The Karnaks of Carclew and Ryn  (central plot)

The Knockers, Selkies, Laerg and the Flood Hag (Major Subplot)

(includes Ardon, Horned Hunter) (subplot)

Karnak Towns: Tre Garrick and Tre Mordin (subplots)

Karnak Lands: the Lakes (subplots)

The Runics

The Runic City of Newcaster (central plot)

The Runic Dragon Riders / Frost Giants (central plot)

Palthus and the Troll situation (subplot)

The Sidhe Lands

The Sidhe, the Torc and the Seven (central plot)

The Mystic Isle (the Cauldron) (central plot)

The Lay of Ossian (central plot)

The Eastern Lands

The Town of Porthenys and Surrounding Area (central and subplots)

(includes Fomorian Tower, Shrine of Domnu (central plot), Curse of the Bean Nighe, Manannan's Quest (major subplot)

The Gallowgaes (central plot)

Skull Keep (central plot)

The Shadow Gaunt the Final Battle (central plot)

The Frozen North:

The North (subplot)

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of this scenario.

Nik Tyacke